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" When it comes to your health needs, you deserve a team partner who is on your side. Come and experience the Cornertone way!"

We Offer the following:

Establish Care and Follow Up Appointments

Welcome to Medicare Physical Exam

Well Female/Male Annual Physical Exam

DOT Physical Exam

Open/Reopen L and I Claims/ Industrial Injuries

Preventive Medical Care

Osteoporosis and Diabetes Classes Regularly Offered at Cornerstone Medical Clinic

Special interest in Chronic Medical Illness Management such as :

High Blood pressure,Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes Mellitus , High Cholesterol ,Heart Disease; Chronic /Acute Kdiney Disease; Anxiety-Mood Disorders, Immunizations, COPD/Emphysema, Skin Diseases;Astma,Thyroid disorders, Gastrointestinal conditions, Arhtritis, Back Pains and many more.

Health Insurance Information:

We  accept most major health insurance and offer pay for fee and a sliding scale  for those who currently do not have a health insurance for a limited amount of time and people. Please keep your insurance card handy when you check in. Please check with your individual insurance any information regarding Dr. Dagan's eligibility to provide care for you and your family.

Check In Registration | Check Out:

Just a friendly reminder: you are expected to be seen on your appointment time. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment and keep your insurance card and ID card handy for the client care coordinator when you arrive. Other pertinent information may be asked  in each succeeding visit.  Please allow ample of lead time to inform us as soon as you think that you may be late to your appointments so we can rearrange our tight schedule for you and for  others who may be waiting to be seen. Billing questions can also be attended to during the registration/check out process by your client care coordinator.

 No Shows| Lateness:

Our policy is to better serve you and others in a timely manner. We are of course committed to having a great relationship with you and we realize that your time is valuable like ours .We allow at least 24 hours for appointment cancellations.  A pattern of recurrent tardiness or a total of three no shows per year may lead to the dissolution of that potentially fruitful bond between us. You will be informed if that is imminent ahead of time.

 Inappropriate Behavior:

It is simple. Treat others as you would like others to treat you . A friendly smile and hello  maybe the only way to make you and another person happy. We of course do not tolerate awful language, abuse of any kind be it verbal, sexual, psychological or emotional in nature, a confrontational  and disruptive behavior to any of our health care team partners and other clients . Intoxication to alcohol and other illicit drugs are likewise unacceptable within our premises. You will be asked to leave and will be a ground to end our relationship with you. Rest assured that the safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance to us.